Patient Name: Alex Jarrod Rozzi

Year of Birth: 1981

Occupation: Juvenile prostitution and robbery; son of SII employee Larraine Rozzi

Original Complaint (physical): none

Original Complaint (psychological): none. Ordered to seek psychiatric evaluation and counseling by Juvenile Court judge.

Brief Summary: Mr. Alex Rozzi began therapy as a 16 year old male prostitute, referred to me by social services. Although very bright, Alex lives in a complex world, with an ever-shifting variety of unusual characters. I'm struggling to keep Alex from the emotional abyss and out of jail. Total number of sessions: 76.

Brief Impression: Although Alex appears mature for his age, he spent much of the first session trying to test his limits. Alex appears intelligent. He is reported to be subject to uncontrollable violent rages and admits to robbery and prostitution.

Tentative Diagnosis: Possible hypomania. Possible mild clinical depression, situationally antagonized.

Current Medications: 7.5 mg of quazepam, 1 a day at bedtime as needed for insomnia, 15 tabs total, prescribed 7/23/97, renewed 12/17/97. Also suggested Melatonin (non-prescription--recommended for assisting with sleep initiation) as a substitute for the quazepam on 11/12/97.

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