Letter from Social Worker, 5/12/97
Therapy Session 1 Dated Wednesday, 5/14/97
Alex, a new patient, is a violent, 16 year old male prostitute ordered by the juvenile court to seek psychiatric evaluation and counseling.
Letter from Social Worker, 5/20/97
Therapy Session 2 Dated Friday, 5/23/97
Therapy Session 3 Dated Wednesday, 5/28/97
Alex is afraid he is being stalked by the man he assaulted.
Therapy Session 4 Dated Wednesday, 6/11/97
Alex was attacked while dancing in a strip club by a man he previously assaulted.
Therapy Session 5 Dated Wednesday, 6/18/97
Alex's abusive and manipulative mother joins Alex for a session.
Larraine Rozzi Session Dated Monday, 6/23/97
Alex's selfish, manipulative, but self-aware mother explores her feelings about motherhood and the man who deserted her.
Therapy Session 6 Dated Wednesday, 6/25/97
With his callous mother's consent, Alex is living with a former trick who runs a strip club and previously had Alex rolling around naked on a floor carpeted with pieces of buttered white bread.
Therapy Session 7 Dated Wednesday, 7/02/97
Alex's mother tells Alex about his father and the drug deals that kept them apart all these years.
Therapy Session 8 Dated Wednesday, 7/09/97
Alex is tormented by not knowing why Benny, his lover, has dumped him.
Therapy Session 9 Dated Wednesday, 7/23/97
16 year old Alex discovered why his lover dumped him--he was too old.
Therapy Session 10 Dated Wednesday, 7/30/97
Alex is finding it difficult to sort out his feelings after discovering that he was a victim of his lover's pedophilia.
Therapy Session 11 Dated Wednesday, 8/06/97
As Alex moves away from his life on the streets, he is beginning to see himself in the new role of a person victimized by childhood molestation.
Therapy Session 12 Dated Wednesday, 8/13/97
Alex is trying to move past his feelings of being abused by Benny, the pedophile.
Therapy Session 13 Dated Wednesday, 8/20/97
Alex seems to be vacillating between trust and suspicion in all his interpersonal relationships.
Therapy Session 14 Dated Wednesday, 8/27/97
Alex gets a jailhouse call from Benny and helps his friend Roly escape from a mental hospital.
Therapy Session 15 Dated Wednesday, 9/03/97
Alex gropes towards empathy as he tries to cope with a slew of crises.
Therapy Session 16 Dated Wednesday, 9/10/97
Alex is planning on using heroics to free his friend from the bondage of drug addiction and sexual slavery.
Therapy Session 17 Dated Wednesday, 9/17/97
Alex's first attempt to save his friend from the rough sex maniac went sour, but he's determined to try again regardless of the consequences.
Therapy Session 18 Dated Wednesday, 10/01/97
Alex talks about his father's homophobia, tells of Tony's almost miraculous change of circumstances, and prepares to testify against Benny the pedophile.
Therapy Session 19 Dated Wednesday, 10/08/97
Alex savages his own modeling career by allowing his violent temper to get the better of him.
Therapy Session 20 Dated Wednesday, 10/15/97
While agonizing over whether his art is professional enough for a gallery, Alex is dating a male model whom he assaulted last week.
Therapy Session 21 Dated Wednesday, 10/22/97
Alex gets a good reception in the art world and with his new boyfriend.
Therapy Session 22 Dated Wednesday, 10/29/97
Alex feels acute separation anxiety when he finds out that Ralph has AIDS.
Therapy Session 23 Dated Wednesday, 11/12/97
Alex's two day ramble around the City raises the concern that he might be suffering from fugue states.
Therapy Session 24 Dated Wednesday, 11/19/97
Alex believes that he has symptoms of manic depression.
Therapy Session 25 Dated Wednesday, 11/26/97
Alex has gotten some sleep and the irritability and the depression are gone.
Therapy Session 26 Dated Wednesday, 12/03/97
Alex's Aunt Sofie died during Thanksgiving dinner.
Therapy Session 27 Dated Wednesday, 12/10/97
Alex is furious at his mother's meddling in other people's lives.
Therapy Session 28 Dated Wednesday, 12/17/97
Alex is almost maniacal from a combination of rage and lack of sleep.
Therapy Session 29 Dated Wednesday, 01/07/98
Alex has a reconciliation, of sorts, with his mother who has just been released from a mental health facility.
Therapy Session 30 Dated Wednesday, 01/28/98
Alex is tortured by childhood memories of being viciously raped at knife point, triggered by a strong emotional reaction to Roly's suicide.
Therapy Session 31 Dated Wednesday, 02/04/98
Alex experiences a storm of different emotions as he tries to come to terms with the sexual abuse he suffered as a child.
Therapy Session 32 Dated Wednesday, 02/11/98
Alex is starting to develop a supportive friendship with Katherine and he is struggling to retain his focus as he tries to sort out his conflicted feelings stemming from the sexual abuse he suffered as a child.
Therapy Session 33 Dated Wednesday, 02/18/98
Alex's mother nearly dies while giving birth to Alex's brother, six weeks prematurely.
Therapy Session 34 Dated Wednesday, 02/25/98
Three men from Alex's past seemed to haunt him this week.
Therapy Session 35 Dated Wednesday, 03/04/98
Alex can't decide whether or not to testify at Benny's upcoming trial.
Therapy Session 36 Dated Wednesday, 03/11/98
Alex is very tense on the eve of the trial where he is to testify as the prosecution's key witness against Benny, the pedophile.
Therapy Session 37 Dated Wednesday, 03/18/98
Perhaps Benny's trial, bogged down in frustrating delays, provides the catalyst that Alex needed to achieve a breakthrough in intimacy with Luke.
Therapy Session 38 Dated Wednesday, 03/25/98
Alex is left emotionally numb from his experience testifying at Benny's trial.
Therapy Session 39 Dated Wednesday, 04/01/98
Alex's story about being suddenly abandoned by a boyhood friend sheds some light on his current fear of being abandoned by those he cares about.
Therapy Session 40 Dated Wednesday, 04/08/98
Alex has made friends with a lesbian couple who are a decidedly negative influence on him.
Therapy Session 41 Dated Wednesday, 04/15/98
Alex is continuing to pursue self-destructive behaviors justified as simply an effort to have a good time.
Therapy Session 42 Dated Wednesday, 04/22/98
As Alex increases the amount of marijuana he smokes, his personal relationships are going right down the toilet.
Therapy Session 43 Dated Wednesday, 04/29/98
Alex is terrified that Luke might have killed himself after walking in on a sexually charged scene between Alex and Camille.
Therapy Session 44 Dated Wednesday, 05/06/98
After finding himself sexually attracted to a woman, Alex is worried that he might not be gay.
Therapy Session 45 Dated Wednesday, 05/13/98
Alex seems to be feeling the pressures of growing up and is beginning to take some personal responsibility for his actions.
Therapy Session 46 Dated Wednesday, 05/20/98
Even though Regina punished Alex for his sexual episode with her lesbian lover, Alex's other relationships are looking brighter.
Therapy Session 47 Dated Wednesday, 05/27/98
Alex's parents got married in an elaborate ceremony that introduced Alex to close relatives he never knew he had.
Therapy Session 48 Dated Wednesday, 06/03/98
Alex is taken aback when Camille declares her love for him.
Therapy Session 49 Dated Wednesday, 06/10/98
Past memories and future possibilities play havoc with Alex's sexuality.
Therapy Session 50 Dated Wednesday, 06/17/98
Alex believes that Regina is behind the sudden illness of his pet rat.
Therapy Session 51 Dated Wednesday, 06/24/98
Alex's persistent fear of abandonment is triggered by his pet's death, Ralph's illness, and Tony's time-consuming interest in a woman.
Therapy Session 52 Dated Wednesday, 07/01/98
Although previously wary of her motives, Alex now turns toward Cami for friendship when Ralph's health problems become more serious.
Therapy Session 53 Dated Wednesday, 07/08/98
Alex is powerless to stop the continually mutating relationships with his friends.
Therapy Session 54 Dated Wednesday, 07/15/98
With Ralph's help, Alex is able to resist Edward's attempt to dispossess him.
Therapy Session 55 Dated Wednesday, 07/22/98
The discovery of Edward's impure motives thrusts Alex into the role of Ralph's caregiver.
Therapy Session 56 Dated Wednesday, 07/29/98
Alex finds himself embroiled in a police investigation when a violent deed from his past comes back to haunt him.
Therapy Session 57 Dated Wednesday, 08/05/98
The police want Alex to testify against Benny again, bringing up a whole host of feelings once more.
Therapy Session 58 Dated Wednesday, 08/12/98
Alex's feeling of somehow being personally inadequate underlies his persistent separation anxiety.
Therapy Session 59 Dated Wednesday, 08/19/98
Regina stalks and then assaults Alex, demonstrating how vulnerable he really is.
Therapy Session 60 Dated Wednesday, 09/09/98
Alex gets a long telephone call from Benny which triggers a host of contradictory emotions.
Therapy Session 61 Dated Wednesday, 09/16/98
Alex is rocked by a tidal wave of emotion when he visits Benny in jail.
Therapy Session 62 Dated Wednesday, 09/23/98
Alex breaks up with Luke as he continues to experiment with adult relationships.
Therapy Session 63 Dated Wednesday, 09/30/98
Alex is very upset when he finds out that Benny is going to be released from prison.
Therapy Session 64 Dated Wednesday, 10/07/98
Alex is still toying with revenge fantasies directed against Benny.
Therapy Session 65 Dated Wednesday, 10/14/98
Alex realizes that his hatred of Benny might really reflect some unwanted feelings of love that won't go away.
Therapy Session 66 Dated Wednesday, 10/21/98
Alex gets into a vicious fight with Benny which ends with Benny missing and Alex covered in blood.
Conversation with Larraine Jarrod Dated Wednesday, 11/04/98
Alex's mother shows up to spread the news that Alex is in jail on an attempted murder charge.
Therapy Session 67 Dated Wednesday, 11/11/98
Alex explains that his videotaped torture of Benny happened only after Benny had raped him.
Therapy Session 68 Dated Wednesday, 11/18/98
Alex turns inwards as he contemplates the impact of what he did to Benny.
Therapy Session 69 Dated Wednesday, 11/25/98
Sensing that something is up with Katherine, Alex "runs away from home."
Therapy Session 70 Dated Wednesday, 12/02/98
Alex thinks long and hard about the heroes in his life--sometimes, they seem more like the villains.
Therapy Session 71 Dated Wednesday, 12/09/98
Alex discovers that Benny's attacker was the father of one of Benny's victims.
Therapy Session 72 Dated Wednesday, 12/16/98
Alex realizes that he will either have to plea bargain or face a trial on the charge of assaulting Benny with a deadly weapon.
Therapy Session 73 Dated Wednesday, 02/10/99
Alex feels emancipated as he turns 18, gets a car, takes the GED, and applies to vocational college.
Therapy Session 74 Dated Wednesday, 02/17/99
Alex feels that he is slipping into obsessive behaviors after he catches Luke in a compromising situation with another man.
Therapy Session 75 Dated Wednesday, 02/24/99
Alex learns that Ethan is really his half-brother.
Therapy Session 76 Dated Wednesday, 03/03/99
Alex is feeling displaced when Ralph takes a lover.

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