Via Facsimile


To: Dr. Charles Balis
From: Martin Silverman, LCSW
Date: May 12, 1997
Re: Alex Jarrod Rozzi

Dear Dr. Balis:

As you may already be aware, I am the social worker for Alex Rozzi. The City court system has seen this troubled young man on several occasions and has recently ordered psychiatric evaluation and counseling.

Alex's mother, Larraine Rozzi, is employed by Silicon Impressions Inc. and is insured by CalaCare. As you are covered by Ms. Rozzi's insurance carrier, you have been selected and approved by the court for the aforementioned evaluation. I would strongly recommend joint sessions with both Alex and Larraine. I believe that it would be facilitate your evaluation of Alex's situation at home.

Alex is extremely intelligent with a propensity for fits of anger and uncontrollable rage. It is my opinion that he has suffered serious loss(es) in his short lifetime and is lacking in a stable male role model--his mother is a young and active single woman, having never been married. Ms. Rozzi has told me on several occasions that Alex is verbally abusive with her and has stolen money and other items from her and others. Ms. Rozzi, who was 16 when Alex was born, is quite young and presents herself as a bit "hard," which I believe also contributes to Alex's behavioral patterns.

I wish to arrange an introductory appointment with you for Alex and will continue to arrange further appointments for him with you via facsimile. As Alex will not be returning to school for the remainder of this school year, his availability is flexible. I would ask that we aim at scheduling him in the afternoon, as his mornings may soon be filled with community work as ordered by the court.

Lastly, I will close this letter with a brief explanation of Alex's latest incident.

Two weeks ago, Alex was picked up and arrested over on Polk Street for assault and prostitution. This is his first assault charge and his second time around for prostitution. The adult male victim is still hospitalized with very serious damage to the nerves in his face and is threatening to sue Alex and his mother. Because Alex has been picked up for several other offenses including robbery, breaking and entering, shoplifting, and auto theft, the judge has seen him come through his courtroom too many times and wishes to attempt to change Alex's disturbing patterns while he is still a young man. Alex also has a tendency to run away from home, typically blaming his mother for his troubles. I have been working with Alex and his mother for the last 14 months and hope that together, you and I can help to effect some positive changes in their lives.

Please feel free to contact me at any time if you have any questions.


Martin Silverman, LCSW

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