Transcript of Telephone Conversation between Charles Balis, M.D., Ms. Sylvia Bows, Tuesday, September 10th, 1996 at 4 PM.

Ms. Bows: Hello Doctor.
Dr. Balis: Sylvia? I'm very happy to hear from you.
Ms. Bows: Sorry I didn't call you yesterday, but it was just too hectic. After all the tests, they let me go home and it took a while to get myself together and by then it was too late.
Dr. Balis: It's not a problem. How are you feeling?
Ms. Bows: Tired but relieved. Did you talk to Dr. Malleson?
Dr. Balis: I got a message that he agreed with my choice of antidepressants and that you started taking the Sinequan. But I don't know anything about your tests. How are your babies?
Ms. Bows: I think they are just fine. They took everyone by surprise. I'm the first case of fraternal twins with different gestational ages that the doctors at UCSF came across in a long time. I think I'm their star patient. All the medical students were huddling around the examination room desperate to see my ultrasounds. But the general consensus is that other than a three week difference in conception, there is nothing wrong with my kids.
Dr. Balis: That's terrific. Congratulations Sylvia. So what is the due date?
Ms. Bows: I guess that is one of the questions of the day. They think that one baby, baby A they called it, is about eight weeks old now. Baby B is about five weeks old. Now, twins are usually born a bit early at about thirty-six weeks. So they figure that I'll go to thirty-six weeks with Baby A and thirty-three weeks with Baby B. Are you following so far?
Dr. Balis: I think I am. It is quite complicated.
Ms. Bows: Just a bit. The problem of course is that Baby B would be only thirty three weeks gestationally when Baby A is at thirty six. And that's assuming that they were correct at identifying the conception dates.
Dr. Balis: Thirty-three weeks isn't terribly early for a baby.
Ms. Bows: It's not that bad. But I'm hoping to carry as close to the delivery date as possible. Even if it means bed rest at the end. It's worth it! I want my babies to be healthy and perfect in every way.
Dr. Balis: Of course. Have they picked an actual due date?
Ms. Bows: Well, if they peg the delivery date as Baby A at thirty-six weeks then my due date is twenty eight weeks from now, or around March 15th.
Dr. Balis: Beware the ides of March.
Ms. Bows: Yeah, right.
Dr. Balis: Well, it sounds like you are in good spirits today.
Ms. Bows: I'm happy Doctor. I have a family now and it's even bigger than I had hoped for.
Dr. Balis: I'm very happy for you. Now, how are you feeling physically? Are you still not sleeping well? Are you eating?
Ms. Bows: I'm still having a lot of problems with getting and staying asleep. But I was able to keep some food down. I think I was just too worried to eat before. But now that I know that I'm eating for three, it's a lot easier. More incentive.
Dr. Balis: That's good. I'm hoping that most of the problems will go away after the medication kicks in. It will probably take about two weeks or so and then you should start to feel better. Will I see you next week at our usual time?
Ms. Bows: Absolutely. I would love to discuss my family presentation with you first.
Dr. Balis: You mean telling the good news to your parents and Tom?
Ms. Bows: Precisely. It should be a load of fun. Perhaps I should give your number to my mother.
Dr. Balis: I'm sure she'll be happy for you.
Ms. Bows: Perhaps. After she gets over the initial heart attack.
Dr. Balis: You're being very cynical.
Ms. Bows: I know. But I'm still very happy. And thank you Doctor for being so supportive. I don't think I would have made it without you. I'm thinking of naming one of my babies Charles in honor of their spiritual father.
Dr. Balis: I'm honored...
Ms. Bows: And I think I might name the other one Zoloft. Just kidding. I'll see you next Tuesday at four, Doctor. Thank you again and goodbye.
Dr. Balis: Goodbye Sylvia. Please call me if you need me.
Ms. Bows: I will.
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