Transcript of Telephone Conversation between Charles Balis, M.D. and Ms. Anna Green, Wednesday, July 8, 1998 at 6:10 pm.

Ms. Green: Hello, Doctor Balis. This is Anna.
Dr. Balis: Hello, Anna. What's going on?
Ms. Green: I can't come tomorrow. I'm in the hospital. Oh, there's nothing wrong with me. It's Kathy. She had a very bad session.
Dr. Balis: I'm sorry to hear that. What happened?
Ms. Green: Kathy was found unconscious and tied up in a hotel room bathroom. She has a lot of bruises and a broken wrist. I couldn't understand what she saying--her mouth is very bad. The doctor said that she was raped orally several times.
Dr. Balis: Oh god.
Ms. Green: I don't really know what happened. She disappeared for a few days over last weekend. When she came back, she was strange but okay. And then she had a few sessions to do on Tuesday and today.
Dr. Balis: I see.
Ms. Green: I'm Kathy's safety net. She leaves messages on the machine and let's me know where she is and what she's doing. Well, she was going to a customer's hotel room and said she'd be out in an hour. When I hadn't heard from her by morning, I gave the hotel a call. The hotel called the ambulance.
Dr. Balis: Do they know who did it?
Ms. Green: No. I've never heard of the name before. And he paid cash at the hotel.
Dr. Balis: I assume that he'd use an alias.
Ms. Green: Yeah, well. Kathy will probably be able to give a physical description once she's...
Dr. Balis: I hope they get him.
Ms. Green: Oh, me too. It's awful. She looks horrible, Doctor.
Dr. Balis: How are you doing?
Ms. Green: I spent the day dealing with the hotel and giving statements to the police, and being with Kathy at the hospital. The police seem to be taking this quite seriously--that's the good part. I don't think I'll be able to make it tomorrow, Doctor. I would like to be with Kathy, and I took a whole day off today. I just...
Dr. Balis: It's going to be okay, Anna. Take it easy. Kathy is alive and...
Ms. Green: I know. Martin was here.
Dr. Balis: Really?
Ms. Green: The police contacted him, too. He said that they also asked him questions about the suicide case. I didn't know. I didn't give them his name. I was freaking out so much that they gave me Valium earlier. I just feel like my head is spinning--spinning and buzzing. I'm so exhausted. I just want to sleep. But that image of Kathy in the bathroom...
Dr. Balis: You saw her at the scene?
Ms. Green: No. I only saw her at hospital. They took her away before I got to the hotel. And even there, they didn't let me up into the room. But I have a good imagination, Doctor.
Dr. Balis: I know you do. But take it easy. It's not very helpful to fall apart...
Ms. Green: I'm not. I've been together and dealing all day. I was trying to get her car home. The police wanted to search it, and they wouldn't give me the keys--something about blood and evidence. I went to a locksmith to get it opened, and then I found out that the police had towed it to an impound lot...
Dr. Balis: I think you should go home now, Anna. Get some rest. Did they give you just one tablet of Valium?
Ms. Green: Yes.
Dr. Balis: Do you think you'll be able to sleep if you go home?
Ms. Green: If not, I can watch television reruns of Taxi or something. It always calms me down.
Dr. Balis: Okay. Call if you need to.
Ms. Green: Thank you, Doctor. I think I will go home now.
Dr. Balis: Good. I'll see you next week, although you can see me earlier if you wish.
Ms. Green: No, it's all right. I have a lot of work, and I want to be here for Kathy.
Dr. Balis: All right. Take care, Anna.
Ms. Green: Goodbye, Doctor.
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