Therapy Session 1 Dated Friday, 11/07/97
Sharon, a new patient, is feeling the same sorts of pressures in her life which led to a previous suicide attempt.
Therapy Session 2 Dated Friday, 11/14/97
Sharon has little patience for co-workers who shirk their office duties.
Telephone Call with Sharon Lough Dated Thursday, 11/20/97
Sharon's landlord is trying to evict her by claiming she molested his son.
Therapy Session 3 Dated Friday, 11/21/97
Sharon is wallowing in revenge fantasies against her landlord who, by falsely accusing her of sexually molesting his son, hopes to evict her and keep her deposit.
Therapy Session 4 Dated Friday, 12/05/97
Sharon is consciously using denial to avoid her current problems, although she begins to open up about her sexually promiscuous past.
Therapy Session 5 Dated Friday, 12/12/97
Sharon's previous experience with the S&M community has left her with an extraordinary distaste for any form of sex.
Therapy Session 6 Dated Friday, 12/19/97
Sharon allows herself to be paraded around as the pretend slave to a S&M lesbian wanna be.
Therapy Session 7 Dated Friday, 01/09/98
Sharon associates sex with drugs, alcohol, and other compulsive behaviors, and now, in contrast to her previous promiscuous activity, she prefers to live an asexual life.
Therapy Session 8 Dated Thursday, 01/29/98
Sharon, who once embraced S&M and promiscuity and now has a strong antipathy towards sexuality of any kind, might be whipsawed between those two extremes by childhood memories of her hated father's physical and emotional abuse.
Therapy Session 9 Dated Thursday, 02/12/98
While not actually suicidal, Sharon says that she's unhappy enough to welcome an accidental death.
Telephone Call Dated Tuesday, 02/17/98
Sharon has been diagnosed with stage III endometriosis.
Therapy Session 10 Dated Thursday, 03/05/98
Although Sharon isn't an imminent suicide risk, her depression and her death fantasies, masked with black humor, suggest the need for medication.
Therapy Session 11 Dated Friday, 03/27/98
Sharon seems intent on taking her recreational drug use to a higher level.
Therapy Session 12 Dated Friday, 04/03/98
Sharon calls herself "a stoner and a slut" when, stoned on marijuana during a session, she reports that she's entered into a sexual relationship with Rob out of feelings of financial obligation.
Telephone Call from Robin Young Dated Wednesday, 04/15/98
Robin Young, the man whom Sharon has been sleeping with in exchange for room and board, calls when Sharon disappeared in a hurry after Robin's wife walked in on them together.
Therapy Session 13 Dated Friday, 04/17/98
Sharon admits to regularly injecting a combination of heroin and methamphetamines.
Therapy Session 14 Dated Friday, 04/24/98
Sharon is bitter about being "incarcerated" at a drug rehab facility.
Therapy Session 15 Dated Friday, 05/01/98
Although she feels a certain nostalgia for injecting drugs, Sharon believes she's ready to be released from her rehab program.
Therapy Session 16 Dated Friday, 05/08/98
Now that Sharon is off drugs, she finds her current sexual partner to be increasingly repellent.
Therapy Session 17 Dated Friday, 05/15/98
Sharon, personally crippled from an injury to her foot, rants against the perks given to the handicapped.
Therapy Session 18 Dated Friday, 05/22/98
Although Rob is rapidly and efficiently divorcing Charlotte, Sharon is angry because she's being put out by the separation.
Therapy Session 19 Dated Friday, 05/29/98
Sharon's caustic wit shines through now that she's not befuddled by drugs.
Therapy Session 20 Dated Friday, 06/05/98
Sharon describes herself as continuously seething with anger and filled with revenge fantasies.
Therapy Session 21 Dated Friday, 06/12/98
Sharon precipitates a violent altercation with an old boyfriend which lands her in the emergency room.
Therapy Session 22 Dated Friday, 06/19/98
Sharon's disabilities have left her prey to drug and alcohol abuse.
Therapy Session 23 Dated Friday, 06/26/98
Sharon's awakening sexual interest is expressing itself in somewhat odd ways.
Therapy Session 24 Dated Friday, 07/03/98
Sharon actually enjoys a New Age drum and chant session.
Therapy Session 25 Dated Friday, 07/10/98
Sharon graphically describes an S&M encounter with Tony, who has admitted that he's HIV-positive.
Conversation with Robin Young Dated Tuesday, 07/14/98
Sharon has been arrested for trying to grow some form of hallucinogenic fungus on pieces of rye bread.
Therapy Session 26 Dated Friday, 07/24/98
Sharon wants to talk about anything other than the reasons why she was growing and ingesting hallucinogenic fungus.
Therapy Session 27 Dated Friday, 07/31/98
Sharon sexually humiliates Tony during a public S&M party, to his delight.
Therapy Session 28 Dated Friday, 08/07/98
Sharon goes on tirades against Hispanics and the inadequacies of condoms and other barrier devices.
Therapy Session 29 Dated Friday, 08/14/98
Sharon's inability to control her own anger leads her into another violent encounter.
Therapy Session 30 Dated Friday, 08/21/98
Sharon has been subpoenaed to testify in a child custody case on behalf of a man she detests.
Therapy Session 31 Dated Friday, 09/11/98
Although innocent, Sharon almost feels like she is a child molester because she's being forced to defend herself against that charge.
Therapy Session 32 Dated Friday, 09/18/98
As unlikely as it seems, Sharon becomes the editor of a college literary magazine.
Therapy Session 33 Dated Friday, 09/25/98
Sharon tries to win a friend by being vicious towards her.
Therapy Session 34 Dated Friday, 10/02/98
Sharon is interested in acquiring Lila as a lover, even though their relationship has started on a foundation of intense emotional manipulation.
Therapy Session 35 Dated Friday, 10/09/98
Sharon feels used after a session of rather one-sided sex with Lila.
Therapy Session 36 Dated Friday, 10/16/98
Sharon decides to intermix her tutoring with S&M to really teach Lila a lesson.
Therapy Session 37 Dated Friday, 11/06/98
Sharon has her tongue pierced to enhance her ability to perform fellatio.
Therapy Session 38 Dated Friday, 11/20/98
Sharon wants to talk about putrid body products rather than face any of her real issues.
Therapy Session 39 Dated Friday, 12/04/98
While Sharon's physical injuries have healed sufficiently to allow her to return to work, she clearly doesn't want to go back.
Therapy Session 40 Dated Friday, 12/11/98
Sharon feels unable to sustain a relationship because she is unwilling to tell the lies necessary to make it work.
Therapy Session 41 Dated Friday, 02/19/99
With Rob ill and in the hospital, Sharon is living out of her car and is effectively homeless.

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