Transcript of 4th Session between Charles Balis, M.D., and Ms. Eliza Raven, Tuesday, March 4, 1997 at 12 pm.

Ms. Raven: Afternoon, Doctor. Sorry I'm late.
Dr. Balis: Eliza? Is everything all right?
Ms. Raven: It's been a really draining week.
Dr. Balis: I'm sorry to hear that. Here, take a seat. You look exhausted.
Ms. Raven: I am. Last week, when I went home to apologize to Luke, he had calmed down a lot and we worked things out. He won't be dropping in for any more surprise visits. I'm glad.
Dr. Balis: But?
Ms. Raven: But he made me promise to go to church with him at least once.
Dr. Balis: Hmm.
Ms. Raven: I went Sunday and hated every bit of it.
Dr. Balis: Why is that?
Ms. Raven: By the end of Mass, everyone knew I was a "confirmed Satanist." They were all trying to convert me back or burn me. The bad part was that Luke was egging them on. I have never been more humiliated. The priest even wanted to do an exorcism. I was mortified.
Dr. Balis: So much for interfaith toleration. Did they harm you in any way?
Ms. Raven: Not physically, but the phone hasn't stopped ringing with people wanting to talk to "that poor girl at Mass on Sunday." It's taken everything in me to stand behind my beliefs. I've never explained Wicca to so many people before in my life. Luke has been apologizing daily for making me go, but I have yet to really say anything profound or meaningful to him. I spent Sunday night at Daddy's place and Luke called almost every half-hour to apologize. He's been sleeping on the couch every night since.
Dr. Balis: You decided on that sleeping arrangement?
Ms. Raven: Well, Monday night I locked him out of the bedroom. I guess I did. He told me he spent Sunday night on the couch too, because he couldn't face the bed alone.
Dr. Balis: Well, it sounds like you've had an interesting week.
Ms. Raven: Thank you, Doctor. I'm about to fall apart though. Oh, another terribly exciting thing that happened was that Daddy got engaged on Thursday. Isaac called Mother and told her. So Mother took me out for a nice little evening of shopping and grilling. She wanted to know all about Calypso, the lady Daddy is going to marry.
Dr. Balis: You never mentioned that your father was seeing anyone.
Ms. Raven: Calypso's been an on again, off again relationship. Daddy just realized that he loved her and finally proposed.
Dr. Balis: I see. Well it doesn't sound like you had a very fun evening with your mother.
Ms. Raven: Oh, hell no. First of all, she wanted me to buy this perfectly hideous pink chiffon thing, and then a pink Angora sweater, and then some pink patent leather Mary Janes. I mean...what? Is she trying to make up for lost time? Bitch.
Dr. Balis: Hmm.
Ms. Raven: Anyhow, then she starts asking me all these questions: "What is this girl like? What does she do? Is she pretty? Do you like her?" which basically translates into "Is she more interesting than me? Does her job pay more than mine? Is she better looking than me? Do you like her better than me?" Truth be told, Calypso kicks Mother's ass in general. She gorgeous, interesting, fun, smart, creative. Everything that Daddy needs in a lady, Calypso's got. However, Mother was mortified to find out that she's black.
Dr. Balis: Oh?
Ms. Raven: Hilarious, isn't it? Well, these session are making me much stronger, Doctor, and I told her that if she wanted to know so much about my father's fiancée, here was her number and she could goddamned well call her herself!
Dr. Balis: Rather bold words.
Ms. Raven: Well, I got fucking sick of it. What business is it of hers? She left him in the cold and took everything important to him. She doesn't want him, but no one else can have him either. Bitch. God, I hate her so much.
Dr. Balis: Do you mean that?
Ms. Raven: What? That I hate her?
Dr. Balis: Well, yes. Do you hate her?
Ms. Raven: I have a lot of anger in my system that belongs to her.
Dr. Balis: Well, there's a starting point for us. I would really like to get that out of your system.
Ms. Raven: Me too. I know I'm not supposed to hate my Mother, but whatever I feel sure feels similar to it.
Dr. Balis: I believe that it's okay to feel whatever you're going to feel. The important thing is to figure out why you feel that way and to learn to live with the consequences of that feeling. But that's something I'd like to save for next week. Can we move to another issue?
Ms. Raven: I'm game.
Dr. Balis: I've really been thinking about prescribing some medication for you that might help control the crying episodes you've experienced.
Ms. Raven: More drugs?
Dr. Balis: It's completely your decision, Eliza. I'm not going to try to force you into it. But I've seen many patients who find their emotions overwhelm them benefit from some form of anti-depressant.
Ms. Raven: I'm on so many drugs already. Take this in the morning, take this with lunch, take this with your afternoon snack, take this at dinner, take this before you go to bed, and make sure you take these once a day at the same time, and don't skip any! Shit. You want me on more drugs?
Dr. Balis: This is different from a Percocet. It shouldn't make you feel drugged at all, just happier.
Ms. Raven: If you feel it'll help, let's try it. You know what I'm on. Anything that would make life nasty for me is a no-no. Otherwise, let's go for it. I doubt it could hurt anything further.
Dr. Balis: I'd like to have a conversation with your pain management specialist before I make my prescription. I know you are taking Percocet, but you said there were other drugs?
Ms. Raven: Oh, it changes all the time.
Dr. Balis: He'll know what medications you're on. I'll talk with him before our next session.
Ms. Raven: Sounds good. You know what?
Dr. Balis: What is that, Eliza?
Ms. Raven: I really look up to you. You're like what Daddy might have been if he went into psychiatry.
Dr. Balis: Well, thank you.
Ms. Raven: You're quite welcome.
Dr. Balis: I'd like to see you next week. That's Tuesday, March 11th at noon. Is that okay?
Ms. Raven: That's fine. I'd better go now.
Dr. Balis: Okay, Eliza. I'll see you next week.
Ms. Raven: I'm sorry about being late. I'll be on time next week.
Dr. Balis: Thank you. Goodbye, Eliza.
Ms. Raven: Goodbye, Dr. Balis.
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