Transcript of 14th Session between Charles Balis, M.D. and Ms. Anna Green, Thursday, October 3rd, 1996 at 4 pm.

Ms. Green: Hello Doctor. It's a pleasure to see you as always.
Dr. Balis: Hello Anna. It's nice to see you too. How was your week?
Ms. Green: Some days the usual and some days not. Would you like me to tell you Doctor?
Dr. Balis: If you like.
Ms. Green: At work there is basically nothing new. I have been avoiding David but it seems that he is no longer as eager to pursue me as he was before. Maybe he found a new love interest or something--he is a gal a week kind of guy anyway. So as I said, work is same old same old. But last weekend Caren and I had some fun again. A couple of people from SII got together after work on Friday and we all went over to the East Bay. There is this club on University Avenue--a small dump really--that features local bands. Most were really horrible--loud and out of tune or something. But as the evening moved on and we finished a couple of drinks, the music seemed to get better. There is a little stage area where people were dancing. Caren and I just let go. We were going wild and didn't really care who we were dancing with. We were probably mostly dancing with each other. It's really hard to tell who you're dancing with in these kind of places anyway. Before we knew it was something like two o'clock in the morning. None of us were fit to drive. So one of the guys we were dancing with said how about a swim? That sounded really great--we were tired and hot and a swim was just what the doctor ordered, so to speak.
Dr. Balis: Where would you go at that time of night?
Ms. Green: Well Caren and I just assumed it was at his place or something. Maybe he had a hot tub or a swimming pool. And we sort of felt like we didn't really care. It was going to be an adventure.
Dr. Balis: Did you know this guy?
Ms. Green: Nope. We met him at this place. But he seemed perfectly nice and it was two against one so we figured it would be okay. Caren was a bit nervous at first but I talked her into it.
Dr. Balis: So you went with this guy that you just met over to his place, right?
Ms. Green: Sounds bad I know. It doesn't help that he probably was just as intoxicated as we were. But he seemed to be able to drive all right and we stayed off the highway.
Dr. Balis: You left your car behind?
Ms. Green: We didn't actually have a car. We went together with a group.
Dr. Balis: So you left your group behind. How were you planning on getting home?
Ms. Green: We were going to take a taxi or get on Bart the next morning if we stayed out through the night.
Dr. Balis: So where did you go?
Ms. Green: Apparently this guy didn't have a swimming pool. He was going to stop by his house to get a few towels for us...oh and we realized that he was quite young. He lived with his parents and was just started college. He said he was nineteen, but we were making underage jokes the rest of the night. He didn't seem to mind and was probably having a hell of time. He climbed into his bedroom window so that his parents didn't know that he wasn't home. They probably thought he was in bed like a good little boy.
Dr. Balis: You were contributing to the delinquency of a minor.
Ms. Green: No. To his education.
Dr. Balis: I see.
Ms. Green: So he got us the towels and we drove up to Lake Anza up in Berkeley Hills. Know the place?
Dr. Balis: No.
Ms. Green: There is a park up there with a merry-go-round and a lake you can go swimming in. It's a nice place. I went on a picnic there a couple of times.
Dr. Balis: You went swimming in this lake?
Ms. Green: Well the story is a little better than that.
Dr. Balis: Oh?
Ms. Green: It's a public park and it's closed after sunset.
Dr. Balis: You got there around two?
Ms. Green: It was more like three by the time we got the towels and all. So it's completely dark. We park the car in the parking lot that is farthest away from the lake--we don't want the rangers to know we are there. We walk quietly to the lake in complete darkness and I kept on tripping on tree stumps and stuff because I cannot see a thing. We finally get to the beach and the gate is closed.
Dr. Balis: I assume this didn't stop you.
Ms. Green: Us? Two young agile women and a little boy? Not a chance. We found a place off to the side that we could climb over the fence with some ease and we were on the beach. Our biggest problem now was that it was basically a full moon so the beach was well lit and there were no trees to provide cover.
Dr. Balis: Could the ranger see you there from the parking lot?
Ms. Green: Not from the parking lot really but there is a pretty good view of the beach area from the road above. We were worried about it. We decided if we got caught to pretend to be international students. I know a little Spanish and Caren knows some Italian. Bobbie was going to keep quiet like he didn't understand English at all. It could have worked.
Dr. Balis: Maybe.
Ms. Green: So the three of us started to strip and it's cold. But finally we were completely naked and it was time to get into the water. It was clear that Bobbie was quite affected by all this so he volunteered to go first. So he just runs into the water. No prep time--he jumps right in and swims to the little float a few yards away. Caren and I are taking it easy. We were standing knee deep in the water trying to get up the nerve to get completely in. And then we see head lights. We just freaked! We grabbed our clothes and run up next to the fence. We were scrambling to get dressed as fast as we can. Poor kid had to swim back first.
Dr. Balis: Did you get caught?
Ms. Green: We thought the ranger was going to have a ball--the three of us basically naked and wet and pretending not to speak English.
Dr. Balis: Sounds like you would have been quite a sight. Were you?
Ms. Green: No. He didn't see us. But our adrenaline was pumping. It's just amusing how you can go from feeling cold to hot in matter of seconds.
Dr. Balis: You were very lucky not to get caught. Did you take the opportunity to get out of there before you did?
Ms. Green: No. We figured the danger was past. How many patrol cars does the park service have? The park is large so the ranger would probably not be back for a while.
Dr. Balis: So you stayed?
Ms. Green: We finally got into the water. It was actually warmer than you would think at this time of the year. We got to the float and laid on our backs watching the sky. Well Carin and I were watching the sky, anyway.
Dr. Balis: I hope you didn't catch a cold.
Ms. Green: No. It was too exciting. But we did take advantage of Bobbie. He probably never had two women at the same time before. We wanted to give him a good story to tell to his friends.
Dr. Balis: I'm sure you did.
Ms. Green: Yeah, I think he'll remember us. I wish you could remember us like that.
Dr. Balis: Anna...
Ms. Green: I can't help it Doctor. I keep thinking about you in that way. You have no idea how many fantasies I have about you. I even wake up at night because I'm having an orgasm just thinking about you.
Dr. Balis: Anna this has to stop. I cannot be your therapist if all I can do is provoke a sexual response out of you.
Ms. Green: Doctor no! Don't!
Dr. Balis: Anna, it would upset me greatly to lose you as a patient...
Ms. Green: Then don't!
Dr. Balis: But I have to do what is in your best interest. For the last couple of sessions you've been deliberately trying to get a rise out me. I can't remain impartial when your goal for coming to see me is to get me to think of you in a totally inappropriate manner. I'm sure I can find a perfectly good therapist that would be happy to continue with you. Anna? Anna stop crying. This is really the best way to go. I have thought about it a lot and today's session just reinforces my decision. Anna? Please? It's going to be all right. Really! Please, I'm...I just don't think that I'm the best therapist for you.
Ms. Green: Oh Doctor. You're the best. Please don't give me away. I'll be good, you'll see.
Dr. Balis: Oh Anna. I don't want you to be good for me.
Ms. Green: Then I won't. I'll do anything you want me to just please don't get rid of me.
Dr. Balis: I'm not getting rid of you Anna. And please, please stop crying. I just want to do what's best for you.
Ms. Green: The best thing for me is to be with you, Doctor.
Dr. Balis: I don't think so. I think...
Ms. Green: Oh Doctor please! Please don't leave me. I've been a bad girl and I know it. But I will change. You'll see. Just please don't leave me.
Dr. Balis: Anna, I don't want to leave you. I...
Ms. Green: Then don't Doctor. Please give me another chance. I think you are good for me. You really are. And you know me now. We can work on my problems. I'm sure you can help me. Please Doctor, don't sent me away. I don't want anyone else. I just won't go. I need you. No one else could help me. I just won't let them. You'll see. My life will be ruined and it will all your fault!
Dr. Balis: Anna you're being irrational.
Ms. Green: I know I am. I'm also hysterical. Can't you see?
Dr. Balis: I can see. Would you like a glass of water?
Ms. Green: I hate water.
Dr. Balis: You hate water?
Ms. Green: See! I have lots of problems.
Dr. Balis: It's okay not to like water.
Ms. Green: Thank you Doctor. You always know how to make me feel better.
Dr. Balis: Look Anna, if you feel so strongly about this, I'm willing to give it another try. Maybe I'm overreacting.
Ms. Green: Thank you Doctor. You don't know how much this means to me. And I'll be good. I'll be very good.
Dr. Balis: It's okay Anna. Let's just call it a day. I'll see you next week.
Ms. Green: Thank you Doctor. Thank you!
Dr. Balis: Thursday then, October 10th at 4 pm.
Ms. Green: Oh I'll be there Doctor. And I promise, you won't regret it.
Dr. Balis: We'll see. Goodbye Anna.
Ms. Green: Goodbye Doctor. Thank you.
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