Look into the Office of The Company Therapist

Anna gets a call from Kathy, the S&M slave, who wasn't kidnapped after all. Alex is feeling displaced when Ralph takes a lover. Lenore is pregnant in a psychiatric hospital and she recounts what happened the night that Herbert raped her. Tom feels he's cured after Sharon, the woman with whom Tom's been obsessed, accepts his proposal of marriage. With Rob ill and in the hospital, Sharon is living out of her car and is effectively homeless. The Anonymous Faxer sends an image suggesting that he's been occupied with the mind numbing details of settling his mother's estate. Not wanting her interest to be misinterpreted as pity, Kelly experiences for herself the social discomfort which often stops people from approaching her. Katherine sends tickets to a fancy benefit dinner.

Depression, schizophrenia, addiction, violence. Sound like your week? No? Welcome to a typical week in the life of Dr. Charles Balis.
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This site is fiction and all the characters are fictional. Any similarities to real people are purely unintentional. If you have any real mental health concerns, be sure to seek the advice of a medical professional.

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