Introduction to The Company Therapist

Dr. Charles Balis completed his psychiatric residency at Columbia Presbytarian Hospital in New York City. Like many other New Yorkers, he came out to San Francisco to set up a solo practice. Cautious by nature, Dr. Balis contracted with CalaCare, Inc., an HMO, and agreed to sell 60% of his time to provide mental health services for Silicon Impressions Inc., a CalaCare contracting company. Silicon Impressions Inc. (SII) is a large computer hardware and software company located in San Francisco.

The stories of Dr. Balis' patients are revealed through his files. There are transcripts of therapy sessions, patient diaries and logs, doodles, personnel records, telephone conversations, and other written and graphical materials. The Company Therapist is designed to allow a deep exploration of its characters and their stories.

First time visitors to this site can start with Dr. Balis' Personal Diary & Notes, but are encouraged to explore. Below is a list of the patients and both their first and most recent sessions with the Doctor. Click on the patient's name to go to their file which has links to all the material on that patient, or click on the session date to go directly there.

Over the three years of its run, readers were encouraged to become writers and create their own patients and associated therapy sessions. To learn how it worked, go Backstage.

Dr. Charles Balis' Files

Patient Files Beginning Most Recent
Ms. Nina Alvidrez 06/22/98 Nina Alvidrez Session, 08/13/98
Ms. Lisa Benjamin 03/24/98 Lisa Benjamin Session, 06/16/98
Ms. Phylis Birch 09/03/96 Telephone Call with Phylis Birch, 12/02/96
Mr. Darius Booth 10/05/98 Darius Booth Session, 11/02/98
Ms. Sylvia Bows 07/15/96 Sylvia Bows Session, 10/14/97
Mr. Thomas Darden 03/07/97 Thomas Darden Session, 02/15/99
Mr. Samuel Eldrich 05/21/98 Telephone Call with Mary Eldrich, 07/08/98
Ms. Cassandra Evans 07/23/96 Cassandra Evans Session, 07/15/97
Mr. Jerico Freeman 03/03/97 Jerico Freeman Session, 04/14/97
Ms. Anna Green 07/15/96 Anna Green Session, 03/04/99
Ms. Helen Gregory 08/01/96 Christmas Card from Helen Gregory, 12/26/96
Ms. Christina Herald 02/27/97 Christina Herald Session, 12/04/97
Mr. Peter Hossfeld 01/06/97 Chance Encounter with Peter Hossfeld, 11/15/97
Mr. Decker Jenkins 04/10/97 Telephone Call with Decker Jenkins, 12/10/97
Mr. Alan Kurtz 08/08/97 Alan Kurtz Session, 08/29/97
Mr. George Landau 01/20/97 Telephone Call with George Landau, 06/16/97
Mr. Kester Langford 06/24/97 E-Mail from Kester Langford, 05/26/98
Ms. Katherine Lippard 04/21/97 Invitation from Katherine Lippard, 12/11/98
Ms. Sharon Lough 11/07/97 Sharon Lough Session, 02/19/99
Mr. Hal Mainor 07/15/96 Hal Mainor Session, 04/08/97
Mr. Lloyd Major 05/19/97 Lloyd Major Session, 04/07/98
Mr. Logan Marcas 05/19/98 Logan Marcas Session, 06/23/98
Mr. Joseph Mazurka 07/18/96 Newspaper Article on Mazurka's Murder, 12/18/96
Mr. Herbert Michel 07/14/98 Conversation with Lenore Marconi, 02/15/99
Ms. Eliza Raven 02/11/97 Eliza Raven Session, 08/12/97
Ms. Claire Steven 12/08/97 Claire Steven Session, 02/27/98
Ms. Olivia Stillwell 12/09/97 E-Mail Received from Olivia Stillwell, 07/21/98
Ms. Rachel Tanner 09/10/97 Rachel Tanner Session, 11/20/98
Mr. Jesse Trent 10/27/97 Jesse Trent Session, 08/03/98
Ms. Madeline Trent 08/10/98 Madeline Trent Session, 11/10/98
Mr. Alex Rozzi 05/12/97 Alex Rozzi Session, 03/03/99
Ms. Nicole Ulreich 03/30/98 Nicole Ulreich Session, 06/23/98
Ms. Kelly Wiseling 07/29/98 Kelly Wiseling Session, 12/09/98
Ms. Sarah Wright 09/09/96 Sarah Wright Session, 01/20/97
The Anonymous Faxer 07/24/96 Fax from The Anonymous Faxer, 02/12/99

Other Files Beginning Most Recent
CalaCare HMO 07/17/96 Letter from George Eisenstadt, 11/25/96
SII Legal Department 03/23/98 Letter to SII Legal Dept., 03/24/98
Dr. Bill Bennett 07/14/96 Letter to Dr. Bill Bennett, Sent 9/19/96

Newspaper Clippings Date Subject
The County Recorder 11/25/29 Old Newspaper related to Helen Gregory
SF Examiner 12/18/96 Article on Mazurka's Murder
SF Sunday Chronicle 04/06/97 Gossipy Article on Sylvia Bows
Wall Street Journal 04/01/98 Article on SII Stock Volume
Wall Street Journal 04/14/98 Article on SII's New Product

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