Jeorge Wolff considers himself the Don Juan of San Francisco. He is a strong, good looking man of 33, with a French accent carefully developed to project that European sophistication. Jeorge loves to run, swim or engage in any other activity that requires minimal clothing. But Jeorge is also a man of great intellect and talent. His talent with the violin was undeniable. Now, he prefers the more tangible rewards of playing a different instrument--the Stock Market. Under the gentle guidance of his mentor, Tom Bows, Jeorge has become quite the virtuoso. Before he met Tom, Jeorge could talk about the evils of capitalism until 4 in the morning while smoking Gauloise cigarettes and drinking espresso. Now Jeorge, while retaining his artist veneer, is really happiest when discussing price/earnings ratios. Woe to any woman who comes under his grasp, though. Jeorge is way too slippery. Charming and confident, he still can be ruthless and cold when it comes to breaking another's heart. Many have been the women who have called me sobbing about my vicious brother.

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