When Rene and I stayed up all night talking, we played a game we've been playing since we were kids. We raided the hotel for old magazines, some scissors and a glue gun and we talked and cut and pasted until morning. No one in our family was spared! Actually, they turned out pretty good. Rene and I decided not to have noses--our cutting skills weren't up to the task. I tried to do Tom, but I kept cutting through his eyes! Just kidding, Doctor. I scanned our collages into the computer, so you can click on the faces and get the close-ups, plus a little dirt. I get as vicious as Rene when I'm with her.

Family Tree Collage

Sylvia | Jeorge | Rene | Phillip | Margarite | Roland
Arrow, Down, Left, Last Item Arrow, Down, Right, First Item

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