Ms. Sylvia Bows is a thirty-something lady of great distinction. Born in Paris, Sylvia was torn away from her loving cousin to move into the city of Love and Flower-power--San Francisco. She was only twelve but she felt like a grown woman with at least nineteen years of hard living behind her. Sylvia was young, blond, and in California. But it did not take her long to realize that she still needed the gentle guidance of her older, and much more mature, cousin Rene. And that she needed to put at least one continent between her and her parents. Only four years after she put her foot on the gentle rolling mountains of San Francisco, Sylvia announced her intentions of becoming a journalist and moved to fight injustice in New York City, having been accepted to NYU. Her parents openly grieved and secretly were relieved from the burden of knowing too much about their daughter. As all parents, they felt that what they don't know can't hurt them, at least for a while. So packing her belongings into a multicolored Volkswagen bus, Sylvia took off across country to join her loving Rene, who had moved to the US with a journalist's visa and a boyfriend. While only a freshman, Sylvia had her first article published in the New York Times. The article was entitled "Women of Conscience", was written from a jail cell, and described the dark side of being arrested in a great cause. Ever since that day, Sylvia has been a shining example to young women everywhere.

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