Transcript of 64th Session between Charles Balis, M.D. and Mr. Alex Rozzi, Wednesday, October 7, 1998 at 5:00 pm.

Dr. Balis: Alex?
Mr. Rozzi: Hey, dude. Sorry, I was just...
Dr. Balis: Who was that?
Mr. Rozzi: That was Ted. I was just saying goodbye to him. He dropped me off today, and now he's off to work.
Dr. Balis: I see. You look...
Mr. Rozzi: Rested?
Dr. Balis: Yes. You do look much better this week. You had me really worried last week when you ran out of the session...
Mr. Rozzi: Dude! I told you not to worry about me. I'm a cat, I always land on my feet, one way or another.
Dr. Balis: So what's happened since last week?
Mr. Rozzi: Do you mean Benny?
Dr. Balis: Yes.
Mr. Rozzi: Well, it's been a weird week. He's definitely out or back or whatever! We keep missing each other. And Ted and Cami sort of kidnapped me last weekend--I guess they kind of saved me from myself and from Benny. But wait. You have to remind me to tell you about Katherine, okay? Oh should have seen it! Do you know those guys out there tearing up the street in front of your building?
Dr. Balis: Not personally.
Mr. Rozzi: Well, one of them is real burly and hunky. And he was all...well, you probably don't want to hear this, but...too bad, you're going to hear it anyway! He was all bent over, practically grabbing his ankles, and I couldn't stop looking at him. So that's the other reason why I was a little late getting here today--I was transfixed by that incredible ass he has. Ted asked me what I was looking at, and I told him I was looking at that dude. Doesn't he know that he shouldn't be bending over like that in San Francisco? He could end up with quite a surprise doing that! I know I can't be the only one who notices stuff like that around this town. Talk about temptation knocking!
Dr. Balis: Hmm.
Mr. Rozzi: Okay, okay, I'll knock it off. But I've been in this weird mood this week, ever since Cami and Ted took me up to Calistoga this past weekend. We went to the mud baths and got the works. Have you been there?
Dr. Balis: No, I haven't.
Mr. Rozzi: Well, you don't know what you're missing, dude. It's so cool! First, you shower down. Showers. The weather forecast said we were going to have scat showers, at least that was what the little TV graphic showed: scat showers! Somebody made a mistake at the TV station, but I was thinking gross. I thought we're going need some heavy duty umbrellas for that! Totally gross! And somehow, my warped little mind pictured it and everything...scat showers! What a mess that would have been! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha!
Dr. Balis: Alex?
Mr. Rozzi: Well? We didn't end up having any kind of showers at all. It was sunny and warm. Anyway, first, we had to shower down. I guess they make you do that so you can get used to the heat of the mud or something. Then, you climb into this big tub filled with volcanic ash, and peat moss, and some other muddy, thick stuff. It was hot! But it felt so good and kind of weird, too. It was all gooey and lumpy and stuff, surrounding my naked body. After the mud, you climb out and wipe away as much mud as you can. And let me tell you, it gets into everything, every crack and crevice. So you can't just wipe it all away, it totally sticks to you. So we got into the showers again to wash away the rest of the mud. And then we got into this boiling-hot mineral water bath. And man! I sat in it for a while. And when I got out, I nearly passed out. The guys who worked there were all, "Dude, let me get you some water. Dude, sit down here. Are you okay?" So I sat it out for a few minutes until the stars stopped popping off all around my head. And then after that, we went into the steam room and sweat some more. Well, I've been totally relaxed and weird ever since. We went to a couple of wineries: Clos Pegasse and Sterling, where you ride on a gondola up to the winery. That was way cool. Katherine sort of wrote out our itinerary for us. Dude, she is so cool. She knows about everything. I totally worship the water she walks on!
Dr. Balis: Sounds like you had a nice time, Alex.
Mr. Rozzi: We did. Totally nice. We ate like pigs, too! We had dinner at a restaurant called Alex's Restaurant, can you believe it? It made me forget all about the jerk, you know? The one thing I noticed when we left The City was all this open space up there and all the trees. It made me uncomfortable--wouldn't someone have paved over all that by now? There should be super shopping malls and acres of parking lots all up there. And those trees, those damned trees were sucking up all my valuable oxygen!
Dr. Balis: You are in a funny mood today, Alex. I haven't seen you like this in a long time.
Mr. Rozzi: I don't know. I can't help myself. Maybe it's because of the full moon we had the other day. Or maybe it's because of Ted. Or maybe it's because of Cami. I noticed that since Benny left my life, all these positive people have came into my life. First, it was Katherine, then Cami, and now Ted. And of course I can't leave out Ralph. But Ralph was there before Benny left, and he turned out to be so not like I originally thought he was.
Dr. Balis: Hmm. I'm glad you've noticed the positive influences in your life.
Mr. Rozzi: Well, with the Asshole back in town...I think he did me a big favor, really.
Dr. Balis: How so?
Mr. Rozzi: Well, I realized he hasn't changed. It's like I told you last week, he knew he was getting out when he manipulated me into coming to see him in prison. And he didn't say a word about it, not even the slightest hint. And that is so like Benny to do something like that. He was feeling me out, probably to see if I was the same naive fool I was before. I don't know. But the thing is, he is still the same jerk he was before. That's for sure. But when I left here last week, I had a plan...
Dr. Balis: That's what I was worried about. I though you might have been up to something. What was your plan?
Mr. Rozzi: Well, I was...I don't know, dude. I still may do it, just for fun, just to fuck with his head a little.
Dr. Balis: I don't think I'm going to like this...
Mr. Rozzi: And I don't think Benny will like it either, once he realizes he's been had. I'm not the same stupid fool I was then.
Dr. Balis: And how are you going to prove that to him?
Mr. Rozzi: Hell, yes. I'm going to prove it to him! Hell, yes! When he and I finally come face to face, he's going to be in for a big surprise. I'm not going to fold into that blubbering idiot again. I'm going to stand up to him and tell him like it is. You don't fuck with someone the way he did with me and just walk away without getting something in return, you know?
Dr. Balis: Alex, this is what I was trying to tell you before...
Mr. Rozzi: Yeah, yeah...
Dr. Balis: I'm serious, Alex. If you act out a revenge fantasy, it's only going to make things worse and it might get you in a whole lot of trouble.
Mr. Rozzi: Yeah. Well, if I don't do something, I think this will continue to be a whole lot of trouble. Benny's going to keep coming back to haunt me until I show him that I'm the one in charge now and that he can't manipulate me anymore. He needs to crawl back under the rock he came from and leave me the fuck alone.
Dr. Balis: What makes you think that Benny won't leave you alone?
Mr. Rozzi: Dude, you haven't been paying attention again! He called me, remember? And not only that, he came over to Ralph's house, and stupid Ralph let him in. Thankfully, I wasn't there or hell would have opened up, I'm telling you. Yeah. So Ralph let him in, and he waited there, talking to Ralph for like an hour or something. He told Ralph to have me call him. I was all: "Right! Okay, Ralph, take another pill!" But I did go over to his house last week, after I left here. I wanted to see if he had come back yet, but it didn't look like he did by then. If he had been there, I was going to spit in his face. That's all.
Dr. Balis: Alex, I really must encourage you to rethink this. Your plan to have a confrontation with Benny will only antagonize the situation. I think it's best if you simply ignore him and get that restraining order we talked about last time. Okay?
Mr. Rozzi: Yeah, right! Hello? Ignore him? Well, he isn't going to go away that easy. I just wish that someone would off him or something. The minute he stops breathing is the minute I'm going to be able to rest. But until then...I don't know. Do we have to keep talking about this?
Dr. Balis: I really want you to think about all the consequences...
Mr. Rozzi: Yeah...well, whatever! Anyway, I wanted to tell you about Katherine. Remember I told you that I went with her to look at that huge house over in Sea Cliff?
Dr. Balis: Yes, I remember.
Mr. Rozzi: She's buying it. I guess she's now waiting for escrow to close or something. I think that's what she called it. Escrow. I told her I would help her move if she wanted me to. I can get a bunch of guys together, and they would help with the move. She said she'd like that. But she's redoing the kitchen first or something. She expects to start moving soon. She is like a goddess, you know? Like I said before, I totally worship the water she walks on. I even said that to her, and she became sort of...I don't know. I could tell that she liked hearing it, but she was too proud to let me get away with saying it. She and Philip are both totally cool people. Their mom must be something else, too, you know?
Dr. Balis: Katherine certainly seems fond of you, too, Alex.
Mr. Rozzi: Yeah, she does, doesn't she? I'm so lucky--all these cool and totally positive people...even you too, dude. You're totally cool, too, even though you won't tell me whether it's a boyfriend or a girlfriend.
Dr. Balis: Please, not that again...
Mr. Rozzi: Well? One of these days I'm going to pry it out of you. You know you and Katherine would make, never mind. That would be too weird, even for me!
Dr. Balis: That would be unethical.
Mr. Rozzi: Whatever. But I can tell by that look on your face that you're thinking about it! Dude! You are so funny. I love that look you get when you get flustered! Ha! Ha! Ha!
Dr. Balis: Okay, Alex, we're out of time for today.
Mr. Rozzi: How totally convenient for you, uh?
Dr. Balis: Same time next week then?
Mr. Rozzi: Okay, dude. You are so completely a trip, you know that?
Dr. Balis: Goodbye, Alex!
Mr. Rozzi: Later, dude!
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