Silicon Impressions Inc.

This is an organizational chart of SII showing the positions of the characters mentioned in The Company Therapist to date. There are a variety of other departments and positions available. As new characters are introduced in The Company Therapist's office, they will appear here. Links for main characters (*) are to their files. Links to minor characters are to their first mention on the site.

Executive Offices

Chairman of the Board
Board of Directors

Member of the Board--Walter Montgomery

Office of the President

President & CEO--Lloyd Major*
Multimedia Biographer--Roberto Christiani
Travel Administrator--Angelica Alvidrez

Product Development

Senior Vice President in Charge of Product Development--Sydney Brown

Hardware (Current and New Products)
Software (Current and New Products)
Programming Department

Head of Programming--Richard Daly
Technical Lead--Julian E. DeVito
Programmer--John F. Riley
Programmer--David Rosenblum
Programmer--Robert McLaren
Programmer--Peter Hossfeld*--now terminated
Programmer--Kelly Wiseling*
Usability Lab Engineer--Alan Kurtz*
Administrative Support
Secretary--Celeste LNU
Secretary--Sherry LNU

Research and Development

New Technologies (The Think Tank)

Futurist--Richard K. Watson--now deceased
Futurist--Victor Woodward
Futurist--Martin Fleck
Futurist--Anna Green*

Cinema Products Development
Internet Development Division

Company Internet Strategy

Webmaster--William Torbett

Virtual Reality Group
Avatars and Dimensional Environments Group

Art Department

Senior Graphic Artist--Phylis Birch*--No longer with Company
Graphic Artist--Madeline Trent*
Graphic Artist--Scott Collavito

Sales and Marketing

Senior Vice President in Charge of Sales and Marketing--Tom Utterman

Advertising and Presentations

Department Manager--Nils Landor

In House Video Group

Videographer--Greg Bears

Illustration and Collateral Materials

Photographer--Matthew Bernard Silverburg

Marketing Imagery

Senior Manager--Vincent Martinelli
Project Coordinator--Olivia Stillwell*

Public Relations

Investor Liaison--Grover Hamilton
Special Events and Promotions--Suzy McLaren

Sales Department

Director of Corporate Sales--Dan Martini
Sales Representative--Joseph Mazurka*--now deceased
Director of Consumer Sales--Victor Tessler
Direct Marketing--Eliza Raven*
Direct Marketing--Chad Danewick
Direct Marketing--Cherie Thorpe

Division Support

Secretary--Nina Alvidrez*

Customer Service and Support

Senior Vice President in Charge of Customer Service and Support--Sylvia Bows*

Customer Service

Senior Telecommunications Specialist--Georgina Chan
Telecommunications Specialist--Gina Cartwright

Internal Information Technology Manager--David Torriello
Help Desk Technical Support--Thomas Darden*
Help Desk Technical Support--Doris Meckle
Help Desk Technical Support--Jennifer Keys
Help Desk Technical Support--Rachel O'Rielly
External Information Technology Manager--John Eldrich

Administrative Support

Secretary--Cassandra Evans*

Technical Writing Department

Technical Writing Supervisor--Doug Breech
Technical Writer--Hal Mainor*

Distribution and Order Fulfillment

Internal Operations

Senior Vice President in charge of Internal Operations--Malcolm Spunt


Chief Administrator--Simon W. Taylor
Senior Administrator--George Landau*

Building Maintenance


Janitor--Helen Gregory*
Janitor--Herbert Michel*


Hardware Support

Systems Process Control--Jeff Wright
MIS Director--Renee Washington
Network Analyst--Janet Matlinberg
Network Operations--Robert Farber


Co-Director of Security--Brenda Wolfe
Co-Director of Security--Logan Marcas*


Associate Buyer--Thomas Johannsen

Mail Room

Mail Room Coordinator--Larraine Rozzi

Financial and Accounting

Chief Financial Officer--Katherine Lippard*
Previous Chief Financial Officer (now retired)--Francis Raymond Herald II
Head Accountant, Assistant to the CFO--Jeff Lippendorf

Finance Department
Accounts Receivable Department
Accounts Payable Department

Clerk Grade 1--Darius Booth*
Clerk Grade 2--Doug Auble

Payroll Department

Analyst--Gary Hindle

Securities Reporting

Legal Department

Office of the General Counsel

Associate General Counsel--Clarence P. Livingston

Administrative Support

Administrative Assistant--Caren A. Bears, née Patterson
Administrative Assistant--Stephanie Martin

Human Resources Department

Personnel Director--Robert Clark
Benefits Coordinator--Elise Mangrel
Personnel Officer--Claire Steven*
Secretary--Sharon Lough*

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